Netflix's documentary on Taylor Swift, Miss Americana, provides fans with a candid inside look into the birth of Taylor's new chapter as an activist. In the film, you follow Taylor as she gracefully guides you through her journey.

Taylor, when she was a young artist, felt that she needed to be invariably nice to everyone and to never push her personal and political views on others. As her career progressed she faced numerous public challenges including the infamous Kanye West incident at the 2009 VMA Music Awards and a 2013 sexual assault by a Denver DJ and the court case that followed.  

After Taylor Swift withdraws from the limelight for a year, the documentary walks you through Taylor's metamorphosis as she spreads her activist wings becoming one of the most important political voices in America today. Her newfound activism has a massive reach and her devoted fans are listening intently. From political statements at awards ceremonies to new songs like Only the Young, Talyor has redefined herself and will undoubtedly be one of the most influential political voices for years to come. 

Benefit Arts Magazine gives the Netflix Documentary Miss Americana 5-Stars. 

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